Enter The Metaverse

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Today we are looking at the Metaverse, what is it exactly and why are people getting excited about it.


The Metaverse is the next step in the evolution of digital spaces, with many seeing it as the future of the internet, the Metaverse is not exactly fully defined yet and is certainly not the Spielberg esc ‘Ready Player one’ eutopia that might come to mind when thinking about digital space.

The Metaverse is hard to define but it’s essentially online immersive space, whether that be gaming, workspaces for meetings, digital real estate or NFT art galleries, its no one thing and will never be marketed by companies as such. You may one day be able to hook into a VR system and walk around the metaverse like the real world, but currently it’s at his infant stage and being worked on with some of the biggest companies worldwide.

The companies involved in designing and building this online space are vast, confusingly enough Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook & Instagram under one name-Meta- and announced it by talking about the metaverse, your average Joe would have thought it was just a new Zuckerberg thing, it thankfully isn’t! Video game giants Unreal, who’s engines power 100’s of games have thrown their hat in to contribute, along with Nike & Adidas and some companies have already started contributing, lets look at the biggest collaborators:


Epic Games

Chances are, unless you’ve been living in a cave for 5 years- you would of heard of Fortnite! The creators of Fortnite are Epic and they are working on the Metaverse (or aspects of) very hard currently, working on background user experience levels and technology so people can meet, game and shop in the virtual space. The next big thing that Epic are working on and have now released is ‘Digital Humans’ which allow users to create photorealistic digital versions of themselves and others and use as a metahuman avatar, so you can have yourself dancing like an idiot in game in no time..!



Apple are the most recognisable brand in the world, so there is little surprise that with them being at the forefront of digital progression, with Apple apparently currently developing highly advanced VR(virtual reality) technology which will work in direct conjunction with and in the metaverse. This shows that the metaverse is something worth getting involved in, as VR technology, especially that is made by apple, makes the metaverse seem more tangible.


Microsoft, another big name synonymous with technology and the internet have been working on a project named ‘Mesh’. This is a geared up completely for the corporate world and integrates Microsoft Teams, windows and other services and projects, creating online spaces and virtual offices where you can collaborate with co-workers.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & NFT technology and early Metaverse pioneers Decentraland have been working on the Metaverse since as early as 2017- when they built virtual worlds built of the back of NFT real estate and continues to grow today.

All in all, there is a new kid on the block-the newest iteration of the internet is here to stay! The possibilities are endless with the virtual space eventually providing real world money through jobs and education. The gaming industry has been moving toward free to play with in game purchases for a while now, the Metaverse gives it even more reason to continue to do so-with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone & PUBG at the forefront of this movement. The computer and technology industry are pushing toward this online space (Apple and Microsoft for examples) as they know that this is the future, with apples VR technology on way and Microsoft pushing on with its project ‘Mesh’ the future looks bright in the Metaverse, is it time you jumped and joined in?


Thanks for reading, your friendly Trading Top 10 team!