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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

You only stop learning when you die (apparently) no one has comeback to confirm this yet... But this is very true in Trading every day is a learning day. In this post we will look at the TradingTopTen educational sites (all free).

These are our topten:


Now if you've ever search anything about trading especially forex trading then chances are you would of seen babypips. What a place this really is, the babypips school that is broken down into segments is the perfect place to learn. The school of pipsology will have you graduating as a forex trader in no time. Just to add a very juicy cherry on top, their calculator resources that they have are amazing as well. very handy to work out correct pip value and position size.


Now before anyone kicks off, we know we said free but investopedia do have a lot of paid courses. (no reviews on these yet) But the free advice and information you can get on their website is fantastic In fact most of the time when you google a question related to investing you will probably be directed to their page. Great place to learn about trading related words as well. Hence the name.......

'The real lesson in life is learning to not give up, you will get to a certain point of an uphill struggle where it's easier to keep going.' annom.

Learn to trade the market

This is a great free mini forex guide. It's a fun and easy way to learn the basics of trading forex. Lots of very relevant information and broken down easy to digest. With added tarded ideas and strategies this site can be used for all your learning needs.

Fairly new site, but seems to get a lot of attention on facebook and youtube. Some really great videos here to help if videos are more your thing. The articles seem to answer direct questions which is really good. Lots of information on forex and crypto. They also do a lot of great reviews as well. Defo a site to check out!


We know you know what youtube is...... but the fact of the matter is, it's a great learning platform. Check out our tradingtopten youtube channels here.

Daily Fx

Now we just want to point out straight away that this site is powered by IG, so be prepared for a lot of advertising. But they are a great broker so it's not a problem. This site is awesome with so much for beginners all the way to experts to learn and use. Lots of great market data and news. Worth having open on your desktop if you like them!


This is simple reminder that forums are a great place to learn and ask questions. But just remember not everyone you speak to is willing to help. And if something is to good to be true then it usually is! But please check out our tradingtopten forums!

Another broker that offers free education, afterall brokers want you to enjoy trading and keep trading with them. Lots of good information here and easy to follow with links to similar learning after each thread.

The balance

Anyone who has been around the finance industry would of more than likely heard of this site. Great site all to do with money and the news around it. Also lots of educational stuff on forex and trading which great. Bit of a chunky site but well worth a look through.

Forex school online

A simple but great place to learn some of the basics, good trade setup ideas as well. Not to much to be said about it, simple but good.

How did we do? Have we helped you on your journey of becoming the next Warren Buffett? Remember all these sites can be used together, the best way is to find one that suits your learning and that you like and keep with it. Trading can take a long time to learn but is so worth it in the end!


If you mention a site we haven't seen yet and we like it we will reward you $50! Contact us today!