The Peoples Token

We are very excited to be one of the exclusive partners with access to sell The Peoples Token in a private sale on their behalf! This project is going to be amazing over the next 18 months! We are delighted to be able to sell to our clients at a very low price before they go on general sale! This is the perfect time to buy The Peoples Token it's only to getting bigger and better! We are advising this as an investment for 3-5 years! So please dont buy if you are expecting it to explode over night. We only have a limited number of tokens to sell so make sure to get yours today.

A quick look at The Peoples Token (TPST) this project is going to be MASSIVE!

  • Peer to peer lending platform

  • A currency for the people! The trading people! 

  • Social media platform where you pay for trading services with TPST

  • Follow other traders signals and pay with TPST 

  • Advertising on our social media platforms with TPST only 

  • Pay for trading course with TPST 

  • We are working hard to work with a broker where you can deposit with TPST as well.

  • Lots more info to come soon!


  • Only £0.50 a coin in private sale rising to £1 once first platform is released. Looking to hit exchange at £5 a coin!

  • Easy to buy amounts below, for bigger orders please contact us.

  • White paper coming soon!

  • First social platform coming soon!


Due to large number of users clicking the link waiting times may take a while, please right click on the button and select open in a new tab to speed up the process thank you.



To ensure safe transactions, we will email you for your ERC20 wallet address on completion of your order and have the coins sent within 12 hours. We will only be able to email the address you check out with. So please make sure you have access to it. We will ask for you to either send the QR code or the wallet address in a clear and separate sentence. 

***The Peoples Token aim to have multiple platform to enhance social trading, these will all take time and therefore this project is NOT a get rich quick investment please DO NOT buy The People's Token as a get rich quick investment, this is not the case with this project. Not all crypto companies make it, and you should be fully prepared to lose the money you invest in the worst case scenario***


WE HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU PROVIDE US WITH THE WRONG ADDRESS. NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE ONCE PURCHASED ANY OF TPST. NOT ALL CRYPTO COMPANIES MAKE IT AND YOU SHOULD BE AWARE BEFORE MAKING THIS INVESTMENT. involves risk and is not for every investor. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. TRADINGTOPTEN and partners hold no responsibility for loss. Past performance cant predict future results. . Buy and holding crypto currencies can be very profitable and rewarding. That being said not all crypto companies make it. Once crypto coins or tokens have been brought we will not offer a refund you should only invest if you are 100% happy and can afford to lose the investment in the worst case scenario. Trading top ten and partners hold no responsibility for any money lost investing crypto. The Peoples Token is a separate company to trading top ten and and therefor trading top ten hold no information other than what is available on this website about the project. Trading top ten hold no responsibility for any of the outcomes of the peoples token, when you buy the peoples token you are not buying a share of their company. You are simply buying their currency to use on their platforms in the future. TPST are classed as an exchange token as they are used and exchanged for goods or services through out the peoples token projects and platforms,